Design and construction services of a project are delivered by the contractor who works with the client in a partnership to accomplish both design and construction goals. The contractor is the single entity that is responsible for cost, performance, and schedule of the build.  It's a unified process that allows the flow of project efficiency from concept to completion.  As your contractor, RPS Renovations uses the latest design software, full-size architectural blue prints for construction performance, as well as city/town official documentation. RPS Renovations specializes in design and build projects from planning to construction to completion.

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New Construction

Creating a partnership between the Architect, Client, Contractor and their design for a custom build, remodel or renovation.  The Architect is appointed by the client, who develops a design concept per the requirements set forth by the client.  The Architect is responsible for the plans and the visual appearance, of the project prior to the final structural design.  A budget of the project estimated costs and schedule is implemented.  The contractor should bid out the finalized plans working with the Architect.  RPS Renovations works directly as a team member along with the finalized plans, sub-contractors, prioritized schedule and the client.  Together in order to achieve the project from initial concept to fruition. 

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Renovation & Remodels

A renovation refers to the restoration or action of returning something to it's previous state. A remodel is changing the form of something, creating something new. Renovation updates a room or entire structure without compromising the intended purpose. The structure and design are often changed in a remodel. Remodeling changes the physical structure of a home, which includes an addition of plumbing and wiring. A remodel is often more costly due to the expansion of new and is often a great solution to problematic home design or a need for expansion. Utilizing the latest materials available to insure a more proficient result. In some historic homes, only renovating is allowed. RPS Renovations works toward maintaining the integrity and architectural details of all projects whether working within the original or creating a new space.

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Custom Trim

True craftsmanship is evident in the quality custom millwork produced by RPS Renovations. Skills are applied to repairing existing trim, restoring trim to authentic status, and virtually matching a wood product using 3D imagery - from basic to multi-layered crown, to specialty wainscoting, to coffered ceiling trim. Focus is set on establishing a preference and style that connects with the integrity and time period of the home.


Decks on homes create additional square footage and living space, providing a great extension of the home. These structures are built using a variety of materials, from natural to composite, and are available in an array of design concepts. Decks are integrated into the architecture of the home, preserving the visual continuity of the residence in combination with the outdoor space.  

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RPS Renovations is committed to accomplishing building excellence from initial consultation to project completion, which includes: partnering with professional architects, creating design build projects, and constructing superb modernized renovations. Our company's purpose is to provide quality workmanship and extraordinary value for all our clients.


RPS Renovations is owned and run by Robert "Bob" Sweeney. His love of building and creating began at a very early age when Bob worked alongside his Dad on projects.  That passion grew from the early days of building a coffee table for his mom to flipping homes.  Born and raised in New Hampshire, Bob ventured to the west coast to take a lead position for new builds.  He developed his portfolio with a focus on Design/Build and Remodels & Renovations.

Upon returning home to New Hampshire, Bob's goal was to renovate New England homes, making them more efficient while maintaining their authenticity.  He grew from running RPS Renovations as a self-employed contractor, to building his team, to the owner of RPS Renovations, LLC. Bob's success is a reflection of his dedication to creating building excellence through attention to detail and superior customer service.


Bob comes from a large family who all call the Monadnock Region home.  He is married to his lovely wife Pam; the proud dad of five grown kids (four boys, one daughter) and three daughter-in-laws; and a proud granddad to the apple of his eye, his grandson. In his free time, Bob loves to hike with his dog Sally, travel to visit the kids, and play drums.



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Our goal is to provide each client with the highest level of accountability, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and utmost level of professionalism - from initial consultation to project completion.

We respect each client's privacy and need to continue with their daily lives throughout the project process.

Our client testimonials will confirm RPS Renovations is a company that works with the premise of Creating Building Excellence.



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